Are you stuck in selecting a blog niche?

Hey, are you stuck in the selection of blog niche? If your answer is ‘yes’ this article is for you.


Firstly I would like to tell you that a blog is an information website by which we solve a problem of people by article and share our thoughts and knowledge with people.


Blog future depends on blog niche. If our niche selection is correct then your blog performs very well in the future. 


When we do niche selection for our blog for the first time there are many questions in our minds.

This is also fine for us because that question will not be in our mind so we can’t select the right niche.


If we select the right niche for our blog there is a high possibility you generate more traffic in the future and also monetize.


Today I will help you select a blog niche.


Mind your interest- Our interest in the selected topic is a must for writing a blog.

Select a topic that you can write about without being bored. Many times beginners select such a topic they are not interested in and they stop writing blogs a few days later.

So also take care of your interest while selecting a blog niche.


Taking care of market demand- While selecting a niche we must take care of our interest as well as the market demand.

We have to see how many people search for the topic we have selected, for that we can use different keyword research tools.

We need to make sure that you don’t select a topic that has a lot of searches. Because such topics have more competitions and don’t select a topic that people rarely make.Because in this situation there will be less traffic on your website.

Always select a topic that doesn’t have much competition as well as demand.


Monetization potential- While selecting a blog niche, also note its monetization potential.

Because in the future we want to earn money by blogging. We can earn money in many ways through our blog.


Whenever you select a blog niche then follow all three points above and I hope you follow these three points after that you will get a good niche selection for your blog.


Next action step- Writing 10 to 15 topics in a notebook keeping in mind the three points given above and let see which topic you’ll write better and easier.


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