Why digital marketing is important for business?

Hey! Do you want to know how digital marketing can help your business?

If your answer is ‘yes’ this post is for you.


What is digital marketing- If breaking the digital marketing word understand the meaning of this term, it becomes clear that marketing a product and service on online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube, google, etc.


The fundamentals of both digital marketing and traditional marketing are the same because marketing is marketing. The medium of both differ.


Why digital marketing is important- We are doing any kind of business if we need to know how to market that business. 

But we are discussing how to make our business profitable and expandable using digital marketing.

  • Your target customer present on an online platform-


Most people prefer to spend their time on social media and other online platforms to enjoy and gain information in today’s time. Which causes many companies to choose to market their product and service on the digital platform. Because with the help of these digital platforms we create our product demand and fulfill the product demand.


For example, with the help of Facebook and Instagram, we create the demand for products and introduce the new product and service by showing ads because Facebook is not a search engine online platform.


On another hand, Google is a demand fulfillment online platform. Because Google is used by people to find their problem solution.

  •  Marketing cost is cheap- In comparison to traditional marketing digital marketing advertising cost is cheap.


In traditional marketing, there is a much higher cost of ads shown on tv and hoarding. While costs of ads run on digital platforms are drastically reduced.

(c) Measurable- In comparison to traditional marketing digital marketing is quite predictable. In traditional marketing actual performance of hoarding, banner, and tv ads are quite difficult while measuring ad performance in digital marketing is quite easy.


We can also optimize our ads to target the right audience as per data available on digital platforms.


(d) Huge reach- With digital marketing you can make your product and service globally expand. We can introduce or sell our product from one country to another country with the help of digital marketing.


Conclusion- You can easily generate leads for your business through digital marketing. Digital marketing not only helps big businesses but also has small businesses at a local level.

With the help of google my business, you can keep a local presence of your business so that people can search for it.

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